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House Response

Selling the possessions we know we love for possessions we think we need is something that the world has enforced on us through media, advertising and societal expectations.  When the story House, by Jane Rule started out Harry was exclaiming his frustration saying “It’s a case of retarded development.” This was believed to be an initiating conflict or so we believed. Let us explore what it was that Harry was truly frustrated with, something that was merely foreshadowed and not exclaimed.  At the beginning we believed that the conflict was person versus person. Harry versus his wife, Anna. Harry stated that since Anna didn’t want to live like everyone else she was underdeveloped, different an outcast. She did not want a nice fancy house and to live with the appearance of being wealthy. It seemed to me she wanted to feel rich with experiences. Harry’s frustration proved the story to be person versus person. A wife and a husband who had different viewpoints on life. However, as the story unfolds we are shown that Harry did not in fact have very far off view points from his wife. He simply thought he had to want a house, and had to spend his money on the more conventional possessions. We see that his true frustration, which was in fact foreshadowing for the main conflict how the wold being a retarded development. How the world has shaped him to become so wrapped up in wanting something that he truly didn’t want.  As he smashes down the wall to his brand new house we see how he truly believes that the world is in fact underdeveloped and has almost set rules on how to live your life, which are truly unnecessary. Our society teaches us to go to school, get a strong education, attend post secondary, get a well payed job, get married, have kids, buy a house and teach them to do exactly the same. None of these steps in life are wrong, but they aren’t exactly right either. What about travel, seeing new things, meeting so many people, living somewhere new and helping the people that do not get to have the same opportunities as we do. We are given so much knowledge in life and how is it fair that we are only supposed to use it one outlet, our full time average job. We should be able to take the knowledge and use it for unconventional things in order to move our society away from being a retarded development.  The world is full of so many experiences and if we are too focused on a goal that we don’t even feel passionate about and are only trying to accomplish for the satisfaction of being like the rest, we truly won’t be satisfied once we attain societies expectations. It is important that we listen to the side of ourselves that is true and wants to live life in a way that makes us feel good, not the side that has a voice like societies. The voice that tells us that we haven’t achieved something unless it shows to others. Because we can never make ourselves happy by trying to please or show up others. Harry, at the height of his person versus self conflicted, once he finally reached his hope of being like all the other families in town, came to a realization or epiphany that it wasn’t what he, himself wanted: “What could you feel about a house, particularly an ordinary sensible sort….You could feel awful, and that’s what Harry felt.” Page 29. He had no feeling of pride only of guilt and shame for giving into the side of himself that wanted to be what society is. That’s when he realized that his family and the experiences he creates with them cannot be replaced with house and a television set.

Math 10 Honours Numbers Summary

Math 10 Honours Numbers Summary

Over the past few weeks, our class has done a lot of work around numbers and radicals.

Numbers and Prime factorization: 

We talked about the real number system something that I am quite familiar with, as well as what makes up numbers. We learnt if a number only has two factors one and itself it is prime and that if it has any more factors than that it is composite. These are things I was already aware of but the interesting things in this lesson were the fact that 1 and 0 are not composite or prime because they both have less than two factors. The absolute value of a number is their principle square root.  Another new concept was prime factorization which is when you break down a number to make it a product of only there prime factors.


In this example, we broke down 36 into two numbers 18 and 2 then separate 18 into 2 and 9 and then 9 into 2 and 3. Which leads the prime factorization to 2 x 2 x 3 x 3.






With that, we learnt how to find the greatest common factor of multiple numbers by finding the common numbers in their prime factorizations and multiplying them together.

You can also find their lowest common multiple in a similar process by finding their prime factorizations and multiplying all the numbers that they each are made up of except for the similar ones in which case you only multiply them by that number once.


We learnt that in prime factorization if the factors occur in twos the number is a perfect square and if they occur in threes then the number is a perfect cube.

We talked about what makes a number rational or irrational and since a repeating decimal is rational, we learnt how to turn them into fractions so that they fit the definition of a rational number.


We learnt what makes up a radical. If there is no index written, we assume that it is 2. We learnt the radical laws, how you can multiply and divide radicals to put them under the same radical sign. But you cannot add and subtract radicals.

This is how exponents with a higher index work, which was also a new concept to me.

We learnt the difference between a pure/entire radical and a mixed radical. How to convert an entire radical to a mixed radical. This is important for reducing your answers. I learnt that leaving a number in radical form for as long as possible is crucial to get the closest exact answer possible.









You can also change mixed radicals into entire radicals by dividing the coefficient by raising the coefficient to the power of the index. And then multiplying your answer with the number that is already under the radical sign.



Examples of how you can apply radicals in math


We also learned how to convert variables that are in entire fractions into mixed fractions. With the first example down a to the 7 by finding a number that is divided by two and then subtracting that number from 7 which is the exponent law of adding exponents with the same base to multiply. Then you divide that number by the index which in the first case is 2. Then you are left with a to the 3 outside of the radical sign and a to the 1 inside the radical sign. Underneath that are a couple more examples.




Life is all about experiences

This project is based on my experiences in a written paragraph that I eventually turned into a SWAY presentation. 

My favourite place – Life is all about experiences essay. 

Stomping down the noisy cabin steps, arms linked with my best friends. Walking, past the long building, known as home for the week, then down the grassy hill and through the trees to our summer lake. Cowichan lake. This lake is so tremendously vast that when you look to the left and to the right it seems endless. The only signs of civilization are the fancy but quiet lake houses directly across. There brick walls and fancy porches keep us at a distant and the feeling of having the whole lake to ourselves is there. Tiny motor boats make the turquoise blue water slowly still, silently hit the shore with its small waves. The wind blows my hair around, like a fan, keeping me cool as the thick rocky sand seeps onto my feet through the straps of my flimsy flip flops. Breathing in the scent of muddy waves. The campers join us huddled on the benches and tables that surround the fire pit. The pit cannot be filled with fire due to laws however the people here are like a fire, warm enough to heat up a place and make the icy cold feeling sparse. Burnt marshmallows and melted chocolate fill the air. S’mores made in the oven mask the fresh dirt scent the lake holds. The tray passed around, the smell wafting. Eagerness permeates the group. The crunch of the graham cracker mixed in with the fluffiness of the marshmallow and sweetness of chocolate leaves me comforted and at home with every bite. Enjoyment pervades the atmosphere. It is decided that nothing has ever tasted this incredible. Cheery and cheesy campfire songs ring through the evening, joy radiates, as the songs are chanted. It reminds me of a kindergarten class, where the sillier you are the more fun you seem. The thumping of dancing on the tables, claps, and cheers echo the lake. Right in my view is the sun, setting. Turquoise blue waves meet the shore silently as cotton candy pinks, blinding yellows and lighting oranges fill the sky in the most striking way inviting you into its show. The vivid orange, yellows blues and pinks create the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. Heads turn and the chatter dies only for a moment but the moment is there and we all take it in. The moment is unity like one single breath we are all breathing in the sunset. Then the chit-chat and excitement take over the night again. The spectacle in my view becomes darker and brighter all at the same time, the contrast of colours is breathtaking. Everyone is talking over each other and at the same time, like a dozen buzzing bees in your ear, and the atmosphere incredibly overwhelming. Someone takes out a small brown ukulele and calms the crowd down. The strumming of ukulele strings begin to sound across the campfire resulting in the singing of all of the campers. Everyone is singing together and the sound warms my heart. Two councillors decide to go canoeing for fun. The strokes of the paddles make sounds like a peaceful fountain on a warm sunny day, then abruptly a splash fills the night as the bright orange canoe is flipped over. As they fall into the freezing cold lake everyone laughs and hollers. The sun is almost gone as we run back up the rocky beach, back through the trees up the grassy hill. It’s chilly but the energy of it all has cloaked that feeling of being cold. The sun has set, like the beauty in new beginnings, because instead of a black sky, we see stars, so many stars. Every inch of the night sky is a new constellation and the sky is lit up. Even though the sun has set it is never dark at camp. We lay there on the grassy hill.  The wet grass tickling my legs and arms. I know it is probably getting in my hair but I just lay there.  A thousand stars ample the dark blue sky and it just looks so unreal like we are living in a virtual reality.  I never thought anything could be and look so perfect in real life.”It’s beautiful” we agree. It is so bright it does not feel like the night. Looking up at the night sky I walk the whole way back to my home for the week staring at the stars just to be sure that they are real. The lights in the sky are like a flashlight guiding me to my destination. Up the noisy cabin steps, through the wooden door into my room. It is time for lights out, but we know we are never in the dark as the starry night lights shine and the fire burning inside the hearts of all the campers is enough to light up the night.


Prime Number Poem

Partner Paragraph

 Partner Paragraph – Ethan

                                     By: Ashiana Sunderji

From what I learned with my conversation with Ethan on Wednesday it seems to me that he is a very well rounded and family oriented person. He lives with his mom, younger brother and dad, who he says is the most influential person in his life. Ethan really looks up to his dad and talks a lot about how intelligent he is. He said if he could spend the day with someone who is no longer with us it would be his great grandpa who he has never met. I bet he would learn lots from him, as he talks about how he has learned a lot of life values from his family; for example respect, trust, being reliable and being hard working. They taught him the lesson of committing himself to something when he almost failed an English class in grade 4 which, with the support of his family made him work harder. In addition to working hard in school, Ethan is also the captain of a hockey team and has won an MVP award in his baseball teams semi final. He says that practice is the key to his success. Ethan really demonstrates how much you can accomplish in life with the support of your family.

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