Character Sketch – Two Fishermen

Anthony Van Hulsen
English 11
Mr. Barazzoul
18, September 2017

Character Sketch

The character, Smitty in the story, “Two Fishermen,” written by Morley Callaghan is

very multi layered character, who reveals his diversity throughout the story. Smitty is a middle

aged man with a family. He has an odd appearance, “Michael saw a little fellow without a hat,

sitting down with his knees hunched up to his chin, a very small man with little

grey baby curls on the back of his neck who stared steadily far out over the

water” (Callaghan 2). One weird feature of Smitty is his birdlike neck. His occupation is a

hangman, and this is a very controversial job. Smitty does not mind doing his job, even though

he kills people for a living. He evidently believes that capital punishment is right. His favourite

hobby is to fish; anywhere Smitty goes he will throw his line in the water. Smitty is a very

generous guy, ” Then he pulled out two good-‐sized salmon—bellied trout, folded in a

newspaper, and said, ‘I was saving these for you, Michael. I got four in an hour’s

fishing'” (Callaghan 6). Smitty is also very content and calm; he is good at making friends. Smitty

just wants to be happy, and do his job, however many others are angered at what he does.