Sammy the Sperm

For sucsessfull fertilization, sperm must make a remarkable journey through a man and womans body. The majority of sperm never make it at all but today we are taking about a lengdary sperm named Sammy. It is said that 1-100 sperm in an ejaculation into the vaginaland will make it into the safety of the cervix station but Sammy didn’t only do that, he made a sucsessfull journey of fertilization. His journey is what we are going to be looking at today.


Sammy’s journey started out at the testis hospital where he was formed in the scrotum. The scrotum helps the testis regulate temperature and stay in place. Next he traveled through the epididymis to the vas deferens highway, where he speeded through the tube like a waterslide. After Sammy ended up at the seminal vesicle dinner, this is where he was soothed and nourished. Then at the P.G. Acid proofing station where he was cleaned of any urniation by the C.G. Lube. Finally Sammy traveled through the uretha express and was ejaculated out the tip of the penis.


This part Sammy says is where it gets interesting, when he flew out of the penis into vaginaland during intercourse. Viginaland is a tube like structure that leads to the cervix station. Sammy being as strong as he is traveled into uterusville, which is made of muscular layers. Oviduct road is where Sammy went next to meet his wonderful wife Ms. Ovum and found his way through her zona. Sammy was nearing the end of his incredible journey when he went back out Oviduct road with the help of celia hairs. Then in Uterusville is where Sammy married his one and only love Ms. Ovum and settled down in a nice home in the uteruses lining.

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Sammy continued to grow with his wonderful wife until they were one and lives to tell this lengdary story today. In conclusion this is an incredible story because sperm pretty much have to win the lottery to be able to successfully fertilize an egg cell but Sammy did it.