Plot Point Photo Compilation

Can you imagine losing your mom at a very young age, what would you feel? Lost yet hopeless is what this son feels, affected by drugs and gangs, losing connection with father this short story, “Father and Son” by Bernard Maclaverty has it all. The son is involved with bad people, and drugs; in a rough neighbourhood in Belfast, Ireland. His father wants to know what is going on in his life, but his son will not talk to him. The hardships of the father and his son shown in this story lead to a tragic ending. The, “Plot Point Photo Compilation,” is a project based on matching the various plot points in the story to different quotes, and photos. This post shows the general premise of the story through photos, and quotes.

1) Exposition

Quote: “This is my son who let me down. I love him so much it hurts but he won’t talk to me” (165).

Explanation: The father just wants to love his son throughout the whole story, and his son wants nothing to do with him. This sets up the events to come, and the setting of the story. It also reveals the characters to the reader.








2) Rising Action

Quote: “I had to go and collect you, like a dog” (168).

Explanation: The reader learns that the son has been involved with gangs, or drugs before. The father has also had to save his son before. Tension rises between the son and his father.








3) Rising Action

Quote: “Why do you always spy on me, you nosey old bastard?” (169).

Explanation: At this point, the father is very concerned about his son’s safety. He fears every night that something bad will happen to him. The son is overly annoyed with his father, abusing him, name calling and completely ignoring his dad.








4) Rising Action

Quote: “Today I thought you were dead” (168).

Explanation: The dad is so worried, and stressed about his son. He knows if his son does not change his ways something bad will happen to him. This foreshadowing makes the reader very anxious.








5) Rising Action

Quote: “Your fingers, are orange with nicotine” (166).

Explanation: The father understands his son is completely disobedient, and still abuses drugs. The son does not care what his dad thinks of him and completely ignores him. Their relationship is now completely broken.








6) Climax

Quote: “There is a bang … My son is lying on the floor” (169).

Explanation: Confusion is brought to the father, and the reader. His son’s life flashes before his eyes. This is the most intense part the story; the son is badly hurt almost dead. The father has no idea what had just happened, his son went from happy with his friends to dead in his father’s arms.








7) Falling Action

Quote: “I take my son’s limp head in my hands and see a hole in his nose that should not be there” (169).

Explanation: The father realizes of his son’s death. All the stress, and tension has turned to pain, and the father has lost the only thing he had left. There’s no getting his son back now.








8) Denouement

Quote: “My son, let me put my arms around you” (169).

Explanation: The story is resolved in a bad way. The son’s bad lifestyle has ended his life. All the father wants to do is hug his son for the last time.