Benifits of Technology

Look around yourself, there is technology everywhere you go. Imagine your life without technology? Technology has given us so many benefits in our everyday lives, from the many modern convinces like cell phones and internet to crucial benefits like medicine and transportation. You can know communicate with friends and family across the world, by clicking a few buttons. We can embrace technology and use it to help us advance as a society in every way possible. From the start of time humans have learned to create new tech and we need to continue doing this. We need to be on the hunt for new technology, so we can find ways to fix major problems, such as climate change or poverty. Without the desire to climb to new heights in terms of technology, we would be stuck in the same ways forever. With new tech humans have been able to accomplish the unthinkable, like going to the moon, so why shouldn’t we strive to accomplish more incredible tasks like this. Experts say, by the year 2030 emissions from transportation vehicles will be down 40% by using new technologies and this is a step in the right direction for our environment. Time will tell what new technology brings to us, but like Sir Arthur C. Clarke said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic”. I believe that only our imagination can limit us in the creation of amazing new technologies.

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