“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” Narrative

Anthony Van Hulsen
English 11
3, October 2017
Mr. Barazzuol

Expressionism vs Realism

                “He took one last drag on his cigarette and snapped it away. Then with that faint, fleeting smile playingabout his lips, he faced the firing squad; erect and motionless, proud and disdainful, Walter Mitty the Undefeated, inscrutable to the last.” Bang, a bomb had killed the entire firing squad, and the jail broke into pandemonium. Walter Mitty had planted C4 into a sewage pipe under the jail. Walter Mitty was not going to die that day. He escaped out of the jail using his stealthiness; and now he is the last hoodlum standing.

                … Cough cough, he choked on the cigarette smoke. Mrs. Mitty came out of the drugstore and said to him, “Why didn’t you go in the car you got soaking wet in the rain.” Walter said confused, “I was just waiting for you here.” They started walking to the car, so they could go home after a long day of shopping. Mrs. Mitty said excited, “look at those kids playing street hockey, don’t you like hockey?” Walter replied, “Yeah it is my favourite sport.” Walter glanced over at the kids playing hockey and heard the slashing, and banging sound of the hockey sticks. Once Mr. and Mrs. Mitty got in the car to drive home the rain started turning into snow. Mrs. Mitty said, “Be careful the roads are slippery!”

.               … “Come on guys, get your head in the game,” said coach La Flame. “This is the most important game of your lives!” It was all tied up with 5 minutes to go in the Stanley Cup final. Walter Mitty the Montreal Canadians super star got badly hurt mid way through the second period. The Canadians were now getting heavily pressured by the Edmonton Oilers, and it looked like they had nothing left in the tank. Then Walter walked up through the tunnel to the bench. Coach La Flame yelled, “Walty your coming back in the game!” And Walter replied, “Ya, I just got all stitched up.” No one thought that Walter could come back in the game after taking a puck to the jaw. When Walter Mitty stepped on the ice for his first shift back, the oilers fans were distraught. The pressure was immediately switched back onto the oilers. The speed and hands of Walter Mitty were unbelievable; he had no competition. The game was know getting close to the end with only 30 seconds left; Walter had to act now. “Pass!” Shouted Walter. He had gotten a break through the middle, and as Walter skated up ice he pulled an inscrutable move on the last defensive back. Now it was just Walter Mitty against the Edmonton Oilers goaltender. With 2 seconds left Walter didn’t hesitate to shoot top cheese off the crossbar. Everyone in the stadium had froze from the realization of Walter’s goal. He had saved the Montreal Canadians in the 1939 Stanley Cup Final. Walter Mitty was now Montreal’s unbeatable hero.