Cars with science


One of the things I am interested in is cars and the science behind them. There is a lot of science in a car, for example the arrow dynamics, tires, fuel economy and engine. A car is designed in a arrow dynamic way to be fuel efficient, create downforce which makes grip and guide air to the radiater which cooles the engine. Tires are designed to add grip in different types of situations for example slicks are for drag cars to give them grip on dry ground and tires for drag cars also less air in them. They are also wider for more grip but the fuel economy is worse. Fuel economy is the way of measuring how much gas a car burns by mpg, things that help a car burn less fuel is arrow dynamics, eltronics in the engine, weight, fuel injection, valvetiming and the size of the cars components. An engine is what powers a car the car gets power from the combustion of the gas and the air in the engine cylinders being pressured  by a piston which fires a spark plug that ignites the fuel. In conclusion that is a bit of basic science behind a car.