Expanding Universe

This lab was very simple and used very little materials but the most important thing is to remember that the dots represented galaxies and the balloon represented the universe. Dot E, which was the farthest from M moved 20.5cm from M every time the balloon was blown up. Dot A moved moved the least from M only 5cm, which was the closet to M. This helped me observe the Galaxy as if it was in a much smaller form. The trend from this experiment was the farther the dot from M the more it moved every time the balloon was blown up. This expirement models what is happening to the universe right now which is expanding and cooling. This has been happening ever since the Big Bang. This is a very cool way to look at the universe but one thing that it does not represent is the galaxies spinning and the universe cooling. In conclusion this Lab helped me visualize the universe and figure out what is happening to it.

By: Anthony Van Hulsen