DNA Bracelet

1) Genetic code or a DNA triplet is a set of 3-letter words. These words can be made up of the letters G, C, T, or A. These sets of three letter words are instructions to make a certain amino acid. This allows RNA to make a exact copy of the 3-letter instruction from DNA.

2) RNA is a short strand of your genetic information that is formed from your DNA and since DNA is not small enough to fit through the pores in the nuclear membrane RNA does. RNA also uses genetic code but, on RNA they are called codons. When RNA goes through the nuclear membrane it goes into the cytoplasm and is caught by a ribosome that then can read the RNA’s codon to create a specific amino acid. This amino acid can then be added to a protien molecule and all of this process follows DNA’s instructions.

3) My Bracelet that says Mac models the genetic code because Mac is represented by th e certain colours of froot loops. Each colour of 3 froot loops repersents a codon that then represents a type of amino acid. Each amino acid is represented by a letter from our alphabet. So then if you decoded my bracelet each set of three froot loops would spell out the name Mac.

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