Two Fishermen

       Capital punishment is a severe way of punishing criminals to their death. It is only applied to certain serious crimes. Canada introduced capital punishment in 1914. The ways the jails killed someone is through hanging, gas chamber, shock chair, guns and injections. Only crimes like killing an officer or arson could be tried for capital punishment. Canada abolished capital punishment in 1976. If the setting of the story “Two Fishermen” was in Canada then the story would have been set between 1914 and 1976.

       Thomas Delaney was hanged by the hangman, Smitty for killing a man who was molesting his wife. I believe Thomas Delaney should not have been hanged. Thomas Delaney should not have been hanged is because he was defending his wife and if he didn’t defend her should probably would of been raped. If anyone was in this situation they would have to take action. Thomas Delaney only killed one guy so the punishment of death is very severe. Also he gave the molester what he deserved, if anyone had a wife who was getting molested I’m pretty sure they would do the same. Thomas Delaney died a innocent man and nothing can bring him back to earth.