Fractured Poetry BkC

I chose the words Teach, Writing and Solved. I chose these words because these three words were all part of the process to be successful with solving the Rubiks Cube.  My brother used a lot of his patients to teach me to solve a Rubiks cube. Through his teaching, we bonded and became a lot closer. I chose the word teach because it reminds me of my brother and the growth of our relationship throughout our childhood. The second word I chose was Writing, in the process of learning how to solve the Rubiks cube I wrote down all the algorithms I needed to know so I could memorize them. My final word I chose was Solved, after hours of practice I was finally able to complete the Rubiks cube. Solving the Rubiks cube was such a great accomplishment because I realized that when I put my mind to something I am able to achieve it. It is important to reflect on  small parts to your life that have made you who you are which can allow you to create powerful poetry. Even though a children’s toy may not seem very important, the Rubiks cube created a positive impact on my life and allowed me try something new. This exercise was a good experience because it made me realize how important it is to remember your past and the small things that make you who you are.


colours scatted throughout the cube

My mind was so heavily confused

The determination to succeed was all that I needed

Finally the colours were no longer scrambled

and i knew that the cube had finally been completed

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