My Future Life collage

I would like to live a life of some luxury and regular lifestyles. A typical day for me would be to wake up early, go for a run or some sort of exercise, I might do hot yoga than go to work. Once I get home from work I might go for a swim in my pool and have a hot tub. I will feed and take care of the animals I have and then I would relax and have unwinding time in my house. On weekends I will do like go to a lake and go wake boarding if it is summer or skiing in the winter. I will also join a woman softball team and play on weekends during spring. Approximately once every week or two I would go out to a nice restaurant with my family. I would also love to do destination marathons, to have the experience of running while getting to see the world.

My plan is to buy a nice house of with a lot of land so I can animals like horses, jersey cows and fainting goats. I want to have an orange jeep as my car and I would like to be engaged. I would also like to take an annual trip once a year to different countries such as Thailand, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Africa and many more.

My annual income will be $125,520

The Kahn Unveils Sunset Orange Jeep Wrangler Sahara will cost approximately $69,701 dollars. To buy this Cape Town, Western Cape house for the price of $3,298,192.86 dollars, on my property I will have three horses which will cost me $10, 000 thousand dollars for each horse. I will also have six Jersey cows which will cost me 2, 000 thousand dollars each. My final animal I will have will be a fainting goat in which I will own six with the cost of $2, 400 dollars.

An Australian Shepherd & Pug mixed breed dog would cost $1,030 dollars and approximately $450 dollars spent on food per year. It would cost me about 5,000 — 10, 000 dollars pure year to travel to different countries once a year. The price will very depending on the location and how many people are going.


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