Sam the Athlete Persuasive Paragraph

The Boy who Played with the Girls

A boy pretended to be a girl just so he could be on the field hockey team.  Sam the athlete by Stuart McLean was about a boy named Sam who accidentally signed up for the girls field hockey team. Sam had never been the athletic type so when he made the team he was very exited. When Sam realized he was playing on a girls team, he receives the uniform; it was a skirt. Sam decides to wear the skirt and pretended to be a girls because he loved playing on the team. “So for three weeks that September, shaved-legged and skirted, Sam lived a lie.” Sam’s mother soon sought the information that Sam’s field hockey team was a co-ed team and he was aloud to wear shorts. Knowing this information Sam still decided to wear the skirt. Sam felt confident, comfortable and content while wearing the skirt and continued to wear it. People disagreed with Sam’s choice to wear the skirt because they were worried he would get bullied or he would stand out and draw attention to himself. Sam should have continued to wear the skirt because it did not effect any of the other players and it made Sam feel free and happy. Sam had distinctively made the choice to wear the skirt to prove people do not have to wear the stereotypical clothing to match their gender. Sam had stood up for himself and for others by simply doing what he felt was right.

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