My environmental interactions

In my daily interactions I came upon many positive and negative consequences. On an average day on the weekend a few thing I encountered were, taking out the garbage and recycle, eating three full meals, watching TV in my house, going to the pool  and taking my dogs out for a walk. Taking out the garbage and doing recycling is a positive consequence because recycling helps the environment by reusing and reducing the waste of plastic and garbage around the Earth. A negative interaction I did was watching TV, by doing this I was waisting electricity that could have been used for something else. I ate all of the food on my plate not having to throw anyway so I would not be waist full. On Saturday I went to the pool to help my brother practice for his National Lifeguarding course, in order to get to the pool my dad had to drive us. When my dad drives us places it causes air pollution leading to the atmosphere, over time enough pollution creates climate change and global warming. We are also waisting fossil fuel we use to run our vehicles. The final thing interaction I made was taking my dogs out for a walk. This interaction is not necessarily a positive nor negative interaction but taking out my dogs made them really happy and I was able to encounter the geosphere within my surroundings.

When I first woke up on a Sunday morning I went downstairs for breakfast. I did not want to be waist full of my food so I decided to have leftovers from the previous night before. Saving food from previous use was a positive consequence but the leftovers I was eating was “take out” Panago pizza. In order to receive the pizza an employee had to travel in a vehicle polluting the air in order for my family to enjoy our Saturday night dinner, this would be a negative interaction. When I went to Maple Ridge aquatic centre  I realized how much maintenance pools require. The water tank is always flowing and a lot of chlorine is required to keep the pool safe. Even though pools do not have the same water bacteria as rain, lakes/rivers/oceans but the pool water does come from those areas. Pools have a connection to hydrosphere as the water comes from dense clouds of rain falling into bodies of water.

“recycling turns things into other things which is like MAGIC!”

A few actions I will try to prevent myself from implementing; I am going to try and cut down on screen time, to do this I will create a schedule and I will record the amount of time I have been watching TV if I go over the amount of hours I decide is to much then I will do something helpful towards the environment. Something I might commit to are, growing plants in my front yard or maybe going out for a nice walk to get some exercise. After every meal, whenever I have extra food left over I will refrigerate it and save it for left overs so I will not be waist full. One other alternative I could commit to, if I had extra food on my plate after I was done I would put all of my scrap foods in a green waist bin so my food would not be going in the garbage. A way to help prevent loss of species would to try to consume less red meat. I’m not telling you to become a vegetarian, I really enjoy eating meat. I am only suggesting to decrease your regular portion of red meat because research shows that many animals made of red meat play a huge roll in climate gasses. Animals like cows and bulls produce a large amount of methane gas. My final suggestion to help help concur the Earths pollution problem would be to carpool as often as possible, it doesn’t take much to achieve those small little tasks that actually do make a difference. The reason you may not be seeing improvements with Earths global warming is because not enough people are helping out. I encourage everyone to go out and do something time worth to help keep our planet healthy for longer!

In my eyes the  whole point of this assignment was to search for new opportunities that can change your whole life for the better, helping out your own ground to keep clean and safe. This assignment wasn’t only an article that was required to write in order to get a good grade but it was for me to get a better look at my future. In my future I will help the Earth escape from global warming. I know it’s a big goal but I strongly believe if everyone did something as small as picking up someone else’s trash even though it’s not yours, then we can save the planet. We can not do this alone, every one needs to equally commit before we equally destroy our planet Earth.

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