Principals of Learning

A few principals of learning that I will be reflecting on are:maxresdefault

“Learning ultimately supports the well-being of the self, the family, the community,the land, the spirits, and the ancestors.”

I find this sentence to be very accurate and truthful, to be able to learn well it is very helpful when your family is applying their support for your interests. There’re students all around the world that feel alone and feel as if they have no support in their education in the community. If we all support each other a little more it would make a big difference to everyone. Most of the time you often hear children say ” I don’t like school ” you can not force a child to enjoy learning but you can encourage someone to enjoy it a little more. A few recommendations I have on how to send your support to others is to let them take the classes they want even if it is not a class that educates you the most. When a student gets to pick their own classes it feels independent and like you are doing the right thing all on your own. I believe that the message this principal of learning is sending is that education will be your supporter in the future.

“Learning involves recognizing the consequences of one’s actions.”

When a teacher is helping a student learn, the teacher has to notice how the student learns. If a student is a visual learner but the teacher does not teach visually then it will be very hard for the student to learn. This is my understanding on this principal of learning. Often at the beginning of the school year in previous classes I have been in, we would have to do a worksheet on the way you learn. For me I find that I learn better visually but for others that is not the case, which is which is why we need to recognize others learning styles.

“Learning requires exploration of one’s identity.”

Throughout life you find your way doing things you thought you might not have enjoyed doing, you take risks and learn from mistakes. During high school it is your time to experiment in different interest of yours. Taking many different classes in high school will help you narrow down your interests. If you never try then you’ll never learn and you may be missing an opportunity that could have turned your life into an amazing rollercoaster of excitement, but you never know until your explore your interest.

How Principals of learning is relatable to the activities we have been doing in class

Principals of learning relates to our SSEP experiment that we did earlier on in the school year. The┬áStudent Spaceflight Experiment Program purpose was to create an experiment that would potentially help the astronauts in space. Although my group did not win the contest, I am still able to strongly relate principals of leaning to the SSEP experiment. The propose of principals of leaning is to try to help others. ┬áThe very few sentences of principals of leaning are all about how one can make a difference in someone else’s life. I also found that the First Nations principals of learning were very relatable towards engineering brightness. Engineering brightness is a project we have been working on to try and raise as much money as possible to donate to the Dominican Republic for light poverty. We have had many plans and activities going on to support the Dominicans cause. I am hopeful that others will acknowledge the principals of learning and will hopeful stand by them.


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