Abusing Our Power-English 11 H

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How and why have you responded to, “The Crucible” in a personal, creative, and critical way?

Immediately after we finished reading “The Crucible”, I decided to do my project on the abuse of power in our society. I wanted to create an Instagram page as my project because I was planning on talking about the power of celebrities. I chose four examples in total, 2 in the play and 2 in real life. I touched on individuals who use their power for good and also individuals who abuse it for selfish reasons. The idea for an Instagram page gave me chances to make the project visually appealing. I’m proud of the way my project turned out and I like how I added the Instagram stories as evidence for the different posts that were on the page. The reason I decided to talk about power is that in our everyday lives we are surrounded by people in power who make our decisions and or influence us in certain ways, therefore, we must always be self-aware and realize when to stand up and say no.

How have you personally connected to, “The Crucible?”

In “The Crucible” the concept of mob mentality is explored with Abigail and the girls. I personally connected to that because I have been part of friend groups in which a certain individual has power over everyone and people blindly follow her. I learnt from the past that just because most people are doing something that doesn’t make it right and that I should always trust my own judgement. Another theme I related to was peer pressure which happens in almost every friend group whether it’s on purpose or not. An individual can constantly feel pressured by their peers to participate in group activities and that could often feel trapped trying to always be there. I’m lucky enough to now have friends who do not pressure me in any way and they care about making everyone in the group feel comfortable. I’ve seen lots of friends do drugs and drink alcohol because they were pressured to try it constantly, I’ve seen them go from caring students to not caring about anything at all. It makes me sad that there are individuals who feel pressured to do something just because their friends do it, we must learn to teach our children to say no when they are uncomfortable with something. We need to keep our younger generations safe from the negative pressure.

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