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  1. There is always the possibility for sources to exaggerate but to help confirm that, maybe think about what they have to gain from what they say.
    What does Trollop write about? If she writes novels and is already against child labour, she might be biased in her writing. She might be embellishing her stories to sell books or send a message about child labour.
    Ure’s background is a bit odd where he really has more experience as a chemist rather. Seems strange that he might be writing books about factories instead. He is also clearly upper class who might serve to gain favour from his upper class peers by promoting factories as safe.
    So based on what the most credible sources are, how dangerous was it for children to work in factories?
    Excellent discussion at the end. I’d like to see Ria’s thoughts on that too though.
    Well done overall. Great job for your first discussion!

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