Math 10 Week 12: How to find the Slope of a line

To find the slope of a line, is very simple. To start, let’s use an example: 4,6 and 7,9 are connected points.

To find the slope of the line, you can look for the nice points in the slope and count the rise and run to get your answer.

So you would count 3 rise and 3 run, so that would make the slope 3/3 which means that the slope is 1.

However, if you do not have a picture of the graph, you can still figure out the answer.

Using a new example: 6,3 and -9,17.

You can now use the slope formula, which is

You may be wondering: What are those little numbers for? Well they are just there to help you not get confused with the 2 Xs and Ys you will be using.

so now, you would put in the numbers in order (x1 is 6, x2 is -9, y1 is 3, y2 is 17) and they would look like this

Doing the math, you would get -14/16. Then you can simplify the problem to get -7/8

-7/8 would be the slope for the two points.

That’s all for this week, next week we will be doing……. Writing linear equations using special equations, oooooooo scary.

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