Math 10 Week 11: Distance Between Points

To find the distance between points is very simple, let me give you an example

(5,3) and (10,3) are on a graph. To find the distance, you would find the bigger number and subtract it by the little number, 10-5 = 5 so the distance between the numbers is 5.

It would be the same if the numbers were (3,5) and (7,5), the distance would be 4.

However if you get a number like (4,7) and (6,10), finding the distance will be different.

First you will need to find the two values by subtracting the x values with the x values, and the y values with the y values, so 6-4=2 and


If you were to put the points on the graph, you could then make a triangle where the points meet.

Now you have two sides, but the side you are always going to be looking for is the hypotenuse, because when the points meet, they make a right angle.

Now using the Pythagorean Theorem, you get: 2 squared + 3 squared = c squared.

Doing the math you get 4 + 9= c squared. Then you add 4 and 9 to get 13 to get: 13 =c squared.

If you don’t want to bring out the calculator, then you write 13 square rooted = c

So in the end the distance is 13 square rooted.

So that’s all for how to figure out the distance between two points. Next week we will be doing some slopes, or equations. See ya next week!


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