Math 10 Week 8: X and Y Intercepts

X and Y intercepts are points on a graph that can be found using the power of algebra.

For this lesson, we will use the example equation of Y= 2x -14

To find the X intercept, you will change the Y into a 0 because that’s the rule.

When put in, you will find the equation 0 = 2x -14

Move the the -14 by adding 14 and add 14 to the other side, which is 0 and you get 14 = 2x

Now divide by 2 on both sides and get x = 7

To find the Y intercept, First you must change X into a 0, cause yet again, that’s the rule.

Now you will have Y = 2(0) -14

Since 0 multiplied by anything equals 0, you end with Y = -14

So now, X = 7 and Y = -14

Thats how to find X and Y intercepts, next time we will be doing some good old… Domain and Range, see you next time!

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