Math 10 Week 6: Factoring Trinomials

Last time, we dealt with multiplying binomials into trinomials, but now we are going to reverse gears and turn trinomials into binomials that can multiply.

Lets start with x squared + 5x + 6.

Always know that with a question like this it will always end with (x +/- number) (x +/- number)

The trick with questions like these are that you need to use a pattern to help you get through this, so what you want to do is split 6 into every possible way it can be multiplied.

6×1, and 2×3 are the only ways to multiply into 6. Now you want to split 5 into the many ways you can add to 5, so 1+4, and 2+3.

Looking at the two splits, do you see the pattern? 2×3 and 2+3 are related. Split 2 and 3 into the number slot above and you get (x +2) (x+3)

To check you would do the equation and get x squared +5x +6.

The pattern may seem confusing at first, though eventually you will get used to it and notice the pattern with out having to find the possible factors for multiplication and addition.

Though this post may be shorter than usual, I hope it helped. Next time we will be doing…….even more polynomials……see ya next time!

(If I accidentally give wrong info, then please tell me, I will be glad to fix any mistakes. I have been pretty tired lately so there could be a mistake or two.)

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