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English 10

Public Broadcasting – What benefits does public broadcasting bring to its citizens?

  Works Cited Audiopedia. “What Is PUBLIC BROADCASTING? What Does PUBLIC BROADCASTING Mean? PUBLIC BROADCASTING Meaning.” YouTube, The Audiopedia, 2 Sept. 2016, Canada Broadcasting Corporation. “2018-2019 Annual Report.”, 2019, Huitsing. “CBC News (Canadian Broadcasting).” Media Bias/Fact Check,… Continue Reading →

Indigenous Podcast – Residential School Survivor Stories

This year in New Media 10, we had to choose between making a podcast about either a residential school survivor or a missing/murdered indigenous women. I chose to make mine about Bill McLean, a survivor from Poundmakers Residential School. His… Continue Reading →

Avoiding Stereotypes in Advertising

Since advertising began, it has always tried to relate with different groups of people in different ways all in the effort to make their product relatable so the business can make more money. Unfortunately, companies often mess up and make… Continue Reading →

Advertising Target Markets

This is an advertisement by Ikea for their chairs. The commercial was directed at elderly people that are tired of their same old routine and want to try something new. The commercial directed it at elderly people by making the… Continue Reading →

Black Mirror – Cropped Out

Video: Storyboard: Scene 1of 7 Description: Harriot explains to Jerome that the police will catch him soon. Audio: N/A Dialogue: OPEN THE DOOR! Jesus man it’s 7:30 in the morning! You’re in danger! Why is TIU after me again?  Just… Continue Reading →

Short Story to GDD – The Colonel

                                During this project, I converted the short story ‘The Colonel’ into a game design document. I did this by using the same characters and… Continue Reading →

Internet-Based Article VPD

Vancouver Police Buys 3 drones for Investigations The drones will only be used for investigations, and will not be used for normal surveillance. If approved, they will be running by the end of the year. A few reasons for having… Continue Reading →

Timeline – Communication

Preceden Timeline Maker Communication is an ever-evolving thing. There are many forms of communication, such as auditorial, visual or even written. This project will be focused on the written aspects of communication. Written communication started out with the creation of… Continue Reading →

Media Research Project

Wikipedia Wikipedia has been a huge contributor to the start of Web 2.0. It was a completely new concept upon its release back in January 15, 2001 and no other website has surged quite like it has. It started on… Continue Reading →

What is new Media?

What is new media? (Revised) New media is information/content that is available to anyone from any type of device. It is participatory, which means one can also submit content for others to consume. That makes it a two-way communication network…. Continue Reading →

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