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Physics 11 – Mistakes for Learning

Reactions Lab – Core Competency

Reaction lab – Reflection Reaction lab – Reflection

CC – Guide de Voyage

Self Assessment French 11

Les règles dans la cuisine

Dans la cuisine, tout le monde a besoin de rester sain et sauve. Mais, c’est difficile à faire cela parce que la cuisine a beaucoup de hasards tout partout. Ça c’est quelque règles qui vont vous aider à rester secure…. Continue Reading →

Week 17 – Math 10 – Systems of linear equations

This week, we learnt what “systems of linear equations” meant. All it really means is that there’s more than 1 line. There are 3 different scenarios where this would occur if you are using straight lines. Scenario 1: The most… Continue Reading →

Week 16 – Math 10 – Point Slope Form

This week, we learnt about the point slope form of a line. We’ve already learnt about slope y-intercept form, and this is just another form to show a line numerically. For a point slope form of a line, the default… Continue Reading →

Week 14 – Math 10 – What is a slope?

This week, we’ve learnt what a slope is and how to write it out numerically. Here is our line. The first thing you want to consider with a slope is if it’s positive or negative. The way to figure this… Continue Reading →

Week 15 – Math 10 – Straight Lines

This week, we learnt how to find the equation of a straight line. The equation for a straight line is y=mx+b. We know the x and y represent any coordinate on the line. But what does the m and b… Continue Reading →

Public Broadcasting – What benefits does public broadcasting bring to its citizens?

  Works Cited Audiopedia. “What Is PUBLIC BROADCASTING? What Does PUBLIC BROADCASTING Mean? PUBLIC BROADCASTING Meaning.” YouTube, The Audiopedia, 2 Sept. 2016, Canada Broadcasting Corporation. “2018-2019 Annual Report.”, 2019, Huitsing. “CBC News (Canadian Broadcasting).” Media Bias/Fact Check,… Continue Reading →

Week 13 – Math 10 – Function Notation

This week, I learnt how to solve a function notation equation. Function notation equations look complicated when first viewed, but aren’t as complex as they seem. Here is our practice equation: If f(1) = p, what is f(p)? First, you… Continue Reading →

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