This week, we learnt what “systems of linear equations” meant.

All it really means is that there’s more than 1 line.

There are 3 different scenarios where this would occur if you are using straight lines.

Scenario 1:

The most common scenario is when 2 lines intersect at 1 point. This is also very simple to solve. All you need to do is find the point at which the lines intersect. You can clearly see that these lines intersect at (2,1).

(2,1) is your answer.






Scenario 2:

A not as common scenario is when you have 2 parallel lines. In these situations there is no way to solve, as the 2 lines never meet.










Scenario 3:

The final scenario is when you have 2 overlapping lines. In this scenario, there are infinite possible solutions as the lines are always crossing each other.