Since advertising began, it has always tried to relate with different groups of people in different ways all in the effort to make their product relatable so the business can make more money. Unfortunately, companies often mess up and make a racist statement or put a racist product in their advertising.

What measures can the media take to avoid racist and sexist images/messages in advertising?

To prevent promoting racist or sexist content in their advertisements, the media should take criticism from a wide variety of people with different backgrounds. All advertisements that companies create should be reviewed by a group of people with different races, genders, etc. as to make sure nothing slips by.

Another way that they can keep offensive images or messages out of their ads is by doing a thorough background check into all symbols and content used for their advertisement. This is proven in the fact that Nike released a racist USA flag on July 4th. This is a very simple thing to do, and should always be done.

The third and final way the media can fix the amount of racist stuff that gets put out either by purpose or a series of accidents, is by making it much easier for people that help work on the advertisements to speak up about a blatant problem that they notice. It’s very likely that a lot of people notice problems in the advertisement but think that it’s much easier to stay silent rather than speak up. Because of that, a lot of offensive advertisements slip by with clearly offensive undertones.

How can we as a society curb the issues around racist and sexist images/messages portrayed within the media?

The best way to stop the racist and sexist content in advertisements would be to simply make a law that bans a lot of stereotypes from being shown in the media. Make guidelines that all advertisements have to follow, then ban the advertisement and fine any companies that break those guidelines.

Another way we can put an end to offensive messages in advertisements is by having a strong backlash to companies that use stereotypes to try to boost their product’s relatability. This will make companies more hesitant and careful when releasing advertisements as they want their product to be viewed positively. This is already in effect, which means society is moving in the right direction.

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