Scene 1of 7

Description: Harriot explains to Jerome that the police will catch him soon.

Audio: N/A

Dialogue: OPEN THE DOOR!

Jesus man it’s 7:30 in the morning!

You’re in danger!

Why is TIU after me again?  Just because I am making more money than them.

Yes! They are doubling their efforts on tracking people like you down.

I really don’t care man! You should know me better!

I just wanted to warn you man.  If you want to kill yourself by posting more of these fake photos go right ahead.

Effects: N/A

LS / MS / CU:: LS-MS

Scene 2 of 7

Description: The police are talking
about catching people who post edited photos

Audio: Ambient noise

Dialogue: Alright people it’s time to crack down on all of your suspects.  Find any proof necessary to keep your investigation afloat.

Boss!  I still can’t find anything on Jerome.

Okay keep looking we’ll catch this idiot eventually.

Effects: Futuristic background (office) (computers)

LS / MS / CU:: MS

Scene 3 of 7

Description: Jerome becomes extremely nervous and worries about being caught because of his photos.

Audio: Ambient Noise

Dialogue: I wonder why Harriot would say that.  It’s not like I’m hurting anybody. I am just trying to entertain the world.

Effects: Dust falling down

LS / MS / CU:: MS-CU

Scene 4 of 7

Description: Harriot is mad at Jerome for continuing to post the photos so takes a picture of Jerome to expose him.

Audio: Intense music (secret spy music)

Dialogue: I wonder how Jerome will react when I post this to the internet?!


Gooooooood… I want you to prove that it is real.  So we can crack down, find him, then put him to the ground.

Effects: N/A

LS / MS / CU:: CU-MS

Scene 5 of 7

Description: After Harriot sends the photo to the police, the police show up at Jerome’s house.

Audio: Intense music

Dialogue: Oh my god!  Why…wha…. I’m calling Harriot


Jerome!  Come out and we might spare you!

I want my lawyer!

You don’t have a lawyer Jerome

HARRIOT!!!! Tell them that I am real! I don’t fake my posts!!

Why would I lie?

Okay Jerome open the door!


Effects: N/A

LS / MS / CU:: FS-MS

Scene 6 of 7

Description: Jerome gets chased out of his house and into the forest.

Audio: Horror music, forest sounds

Dialogue: Ahhh!!!

Effects: Blinking eye effect, go pro switching from Jerome to police chasing him (First person POV)

LS / MS / CU:: FS-MS

Scene 7 of 7

Description: Harriot finally manages to catch up to Jerome and ends him off dramatically.

Audio: Sad/intense music, black screen with gun shot, horror music

Dialogue: Hello Jerome

Why did you run?

Because you’re going to kill me!!!!

We are now! *Boom!*

LS / MS / CU:: CU


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1) Title:

Cropped Out

2) Line:

Very popular edited photo is posted online. The photo starts a massive cult around the world. The real photo gets exposed, which leads to massive backlash.

3) Synopsis:

Jerome makes edited photos of himself, which start to go viral on the internet. Harriot is not happy about this, and decides to warn his friend of the future consequences. He continues to post the photos and they develop a cult following lead by Wilburt. The paparazzi who is Noah are trying to figure out who he is, so they show up to his house and take a picture of him through his window. Unfortunately for Jerome, the picture is not flattering and shows how he actually looks. It gets exposed onto the internet, which causes his cult following to hunt him down for lying to them for so long. He asks Harriot for help, but Harriot just says “I told you so”. He gets chased out of his house by Wilburt and the rest of the cult. He then gets chased through a forest but escapes by jumping into a bush. Years later, Wilburt, the cult leader, finds Jerome hiding in a basement eating Cheetos. He finally succeeds in killing Jerome.

4) Theme/Thematic statement of Episode:


The truth will always get out.

5) Type of Media:

– TV episode

6) Genre:

– Sci-Fi Thriller

– Cyberpunk

7) Target Audience:

– The target audience for this black mirror episode is teenagers. This is because it is to spread awareness about how dangerous posting fake photos of yourself online can be and just how dangerous social media can really be.

8) Characters:

Jerome – Aiden (The protagonist) – Slightly obese, Addction to unhealthy food, lacking money

Harriott – Keegan (Jerome’s friend) – Light hearted, Smart, Worried 

Wilburt – Alex (The Jerome Cult leader) – Ruthless, A natural leader, Tall and buff

Paparazzi – Noah (Stalker-like) – Creepy, ignores personal space, stealthy

9) Filming Locations:

Alex’s house

– Back yard

– Main hallway

– Front yard

Gates Park

Wellington Park

10) Technological Resources or Equipment Needed:

–  Aiden’s Camera

– iMovie


11) Costumes and Props Needed:

Nerf Guns – The weapons the cult uses

Pitchforks – More weapons for the cult

Robes – For Jerome

Wigs – For the extra characters



12) Health and Safety Concerns:

– Electrical box in the front yard

– Running in the forest (There might be branches or prickles that can cut us)

– Lots of junk food (This is serious)

13) Tasks:

Group Member #1: Keegan

Responsibilities: Editing/props

Contact Info: (604) 999 5334

Group Member #2: Aiden

Responsibilities: Camera work/Script writing/Props

Contact Info: (604) 417 9896

Group Member #3: Alex

Responsibilities: Providing filming location/props/storyboard

Contact Info: (778) 986 2539