How do I make our posts/videos popular/viral?

I’ve found one site that really explains well on how we should do it on Twitter, which is really useful to us, as we are mainly going to focus on posting in Twitter. It was made by Twitter itself, so the source is trustworthy.

How do I get in contact with people trying to spread the same information as us?

I’ve found a few profiles on Twitter who are talking about issues in Yemen. I’m probably going to just see if there’s any more profiles spreading information, and send them a message.

How do I make our content engaging/popular?

I’m going to be trying to keep engagement with people who comment on our posts to the maximum, answering anyone who asks questions on what we’re doing. Also, I’ll try to put everything on the most amount of social media that we can.

What issues do I focus on?

Mr. Robinson has gotten me in contact with one person in Yemen, and I’ve asked them what issues are the most prevalent in Yemen. We’re mainly going to focus on whatever issues they tell us about. But also, since we want to have popular and attractive posts, we’re also going to talk about shocking and interesting things about Yemen.

I have found a video that explains things that are going wrong in Yemen, so we can also use that to help us learn more about problems that are actively happening in Yemen.

Why is this important to us?

If we don’t learn how to make our posts popular/viral, we’ll never accomplish what we set out to do. We want to spread awareness through social media, and the best way to do that is by posting about the issue. This project is important to us, as if no one knows there’s tons of issues going on in Yemen, no one will help fix those issues. The more people that know about it, the more people that can fix it.