By: Alex and Reanne


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How does the rod used affect how strong the electrical charge is?


The copper rod will pick up the most cut-outs, since it’s used to conduct electricity, so it should be able to hold a lot of static electricity well.


Metal rod, Plastic rod, Glass rod, Copper rod, Aluminum rod, Iucite rod, Wood rod, Ebonite rod, Fur, Garbage bag, Wool, Polyester, Silk, Paper plate, Paper cut-outs


This material rubbed with this material has This result
Ebonite rod Wool 2
Wood Wool 0
lucite rod Wool 3
Copper rod Wool 0
Aluminum rod Wool 0
Glass rod Wool 2
Acetate Wool 30
Ebonite rod Fur 15
Wood Fur 0
lucite rod Fur 16
Copper rod Fur 0
Aluminum rod Fur 0
Glass rod Fur 3
Acetate Fur 23
Ebonite rod Silk 8
Wood Silk 0
lucite rod Silk 6
Copper rod Silk 0
Aluminum rod Silk 0
Glass rod Silk 0
Acetate Silk 15
Ebonite rod Cotton 7
Wood Cotton 0
lucite rod Cotton 0
Copper rod Cotton 0
Aluminum rod Cotton 0
Glass rod Cotton 2
Acetate Cotton 22
Ebonite rod Plastic 17
Wood Plastic 0
lucite rod Plastic 12
Copper rod Plastic 0
Aluminum rod Plastic 0
Glass rod Plastic 7
Acetate Plastic 22