Math Tutor Journal

Well I finally did something productive today. Mr. Muro got me to help Jolou, someone who I became associated with earlier this year through the Riverside basketball team. I helped him with the circle geometry worksheet that Mr. Muro gave out. Actually, it wasn’t really circle geometry, just terms that he thought they(the support students) should know. Jolou got the easy ones like right angle, obtuse, acute angles, etc. but when he got to the newer stuff he began to falter. I explained to him that inscribed angles were angles on the outer line of a circle while central angles only go until the center. I also explained that central angles are 2x bigger than the inscribed angle on the same arc. The worksheet also asked us to find the term that corresponded best with an everyday item. The examples given and the options in the word bank were so incredulously vague that even Mr. Muro had a bit of difficulty explaining to us when I asked him just what the hell the question even meant. At least I actually did something today.

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