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well I think that at this point in the year, it’s safe to say that “Tutoring” math support this year has been a major disappointment. Almost as much of a disappointment as the Choklaholma Massacre. Apparently the kids in math support don’y know that math support is a place where you can ask people to help you in areas that you are struggling in for math and people who understand will actually help you. FFS the first 4-8 weeks of tutoring for me were perfectly fine, then winter break came, and after that the math support students seemed to have lost the word “help” from their vocabulary. These students even deny help when you ask them if they need it, even if it clearly looks like they do. Although I believe uninspired students are a large part of the problem, I also believe uninspired tutors (like myself, not afraid to admit it, although I’m only uninspired because these support students don’t seem to want my help) are also a part of bringing this down. Mr. Muro can only do so much when the support students always say they don’t need help, and then when he gives them a worksheet they get stuck on question 1. my reaction every time is


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