Math tutor JOurnal

I wish I could say something different, but every time I go to tutor it’s just the same thing. The math support students aren’t really doing anything, and seem to be purposely avoiding help. This has led to a number of tutors to stop caring as well. At the beginning of the year I remember seeing tutors actively seeking to find someone to help. Now they are passive waiting for math support students with no intention of actually getting help themselves to come to them. Most of the time I just see a cluster of math support students in one place doing things completely irrelevant to math, while honours students sit in another cluster doing something else unrelated to math. Hell, even I’ve lost interest in this. At the beginning I thought I could actually help these kids. Maybe eventually these students will realize that being in math support every second day isn’t what they had in mind when they first thought about highschool, but they seem to be quite content waking up early, and tired just to waste another 30 minutes on their phones while their purpose is to study. A future spent at McDonald’s is not far off for theses students, I’m sure of it.

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