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It may be a bit mean to say this, but today has made me lose faith in humanity. Mr. Muro made me help this guy named victor with his math, so I went to help him with his algebra. At least I thought I was going to be helping him with algebra. Instead I spent about 25 minutes explaining to him how to multiply 2×2 and divide 36 by 9. Fantastic. I tried to explain to him that adding groups of something was multiplication for example: 2×2 would be 2 groups of two so it would be 2+2. After that, he shrugged and used his calculator to find 2×2. Lovely. I then went on to explain what division was. I said that it was the opposite of multiplication, so 36/i9 would be 36 split evenly into 9 groups. The answer would be how many were in 1 group. He then went on to put 3×9 into the calculator because I’m guessing he was just trying to guess which number multiplied by 9 would equal 36. Incredible. After this I told him to attempt one of these operations without a calculator. He just ignored me and stuck with his calculator. I can’t imagine that any of my teachings stuck with him, or that any of his math assignments or tests have gone very well in his favor. My will to live will be missed.

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