My Life’s Experiences

Reflection: My Life’s Experiences


During, the whole process of this project, I was able to expand and understand more of what experiences have contributed to who I am today. Before starting this project, I was aware that my past experiences would have some effect on who I am. However, I didn’t realize how big of an impact these experiences really had. This project definitely allowed me to make connections I never noticed before. I started to realize that before this project I would simply assume that the reason I started to think and act differently was that I was growing up. Now I understand that, yes, I am growing up but, what guided me into the direction of who I am is because of what I’ve done in the past. I feel like this project also had a really positive outcome. The reason I believe it had a positive outcome is because in a way in forced me to look at the good attributes that I have. Especially, being in high school you start to get caught up in the bad attributes that you should work on. This project allowed me to think and remind myself “hey, I guess I am really good at that.” I learned that I wouldn’t be as loving or understanding as I am today without experiencing my first Live2Give missions’ trip. I learned to cherish what I have and to be grateful for everything in my life. I can take what I learned about myself during this project and apply it to our Central buddies. I do remember being that age and feeling so intimidated by the “older kids” and when they would come to “hang out” with us I would look up to them. Going into Central I know that these kids are at that age where they copy what they see and knowing this I would think about how I can make positive actions that would impact them positively, like help cleaning up, sharing.

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