Week 15 in math 10



Slope point to y intercept form

This week in math 10 we learned about 3 different forms of equations. Today I will be changing point slope form into y-intercept form.

(1) General form: ex. 2x + 3y + 8 = 0

(2) y – intercept form: ex. y = 2x + 5

(3) Point slope form: ex. (9,3),  4  –> 4(x-9) = y – 3

Step 1 – Distribute the number that is in front of the brackets into all of the numbers inside the brackets.

Step 2 – You want to get y alone, and in order to isolate the y variable you need to flip the number beside the y to the other side of the equal sign. (Remember whenever bring any number to the other side you must change the sign.)

Step 3 – If there are 2 constants add or subtract them together.



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