Week 7 in math 10

Finding side lengths

This week in math we started a new unit on trigonometry. I’ve gotten a hand on it pretty quickly. One thing that I took out of this week was finding the missing lengths.

The very first step that you want to do is label your sides (hypotenuse, opposite, and adjacent.) Then you want to look at the clues given. (If there are clues outside but none inside it’s a pythagorus question. If there are clues on the inside and the outside it becomes a trigonometry question.) Once you collect all your information you then place everything into this formula “ratio (reference angle) = side 1 ÷ side 2.”  Using SOH CAH TOA you’ll know which ration to use and which side goes on top of the other. Before you grab your calculator you’re going to have to get alone, and whatever it’s doing on one side you do the opposite on the other side. Once you get alone you then grab your calculator. 

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