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Science app review


Define: I wanted to find a fun way to learn the symbols of the periodic table. I also wanted to find a way to   have a periodic table with easy access, telling me all that I need to know about the element.

Dream : If I were able to memorize the symbols of the periodic table with the help of this app it would help   me tremendously. It would save a lot of time when I need to write down formulas. If I were able to have a periodic table without needing search one up online it would also save me a lot of time. There are some people like me who learn better when they have a visual attribution, finding an  app that could help with that would be amazing. Being able to know random facts about the elements like whether it’s in a row or column, the group, the state, the atomic weight and when it was discovered at the top my head would be a neat thing.


Deliver : The app that I have chosen is called “Elements.” This app allowed me to name each element’s symbol and vise versa in a multiple choice setting. I also had a list of all the elements in alphabetic with which group it belongs, the state, the atomic weight,  when it  was discovered and whether it belongs to a row or column. I can also choose the level of difficulty I would like to have. Easy would give you a multiple choice of 4 and hard would give you a multiple choice of 6. During  the multiple choice you start with 20 seconds, with every right answer you get an additional 3 seconds and with every wrong answer you loose a couple seconds. The game stops when the timer hits 0. Points are keep track of, when you get an answer wrong it does not skip the next element it simply give you until you get it write. Like every other app there are pros and cons. Some pros being that you can learn the symbols of the elements in a fun way, you also have some form of the periodic table with you with facts about the elements. Some cons to this app is that it’s not easy  to go through all the elements it would take a long amount of time. After a while you start to give up and start clicking random elements or symbols until you get the right answer.




Debrief : The app “Elements” would be beneficial for some. Personally this app did not help me improve, I found myself getting lazy, when I didn’t know the answer I wouldn’t stop and think I would just randomly click until I got it right. And having the periodic table alphabetized ended up confusing me more than it helped me. I personally do not think that this app is worth keeping on my phone.























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