Disaster Situation Inquiry Project

Learning Guide 5 discusses different disaster situations that can occur at any given time. Some examples include: earthquakes, hurricanes, disease outbreaks, and heat waves. These types of events can cause catastrophic damage to the environment, people, animals, infrastructure, oceans, forests, etc.


Your Task:

To investigate a problem or discover more information related to a disaster situation. To inquire and research the topic to give yourself a better understanding of some of the causes, effects, preventative measures, etc. You will then present your information in the form of a WEBSITE. You are free to use any website builder of your choice (Weebly, Wix, and Edublog are easy and free examples). CHOOSE A TOPIC THAT INTERESTS YOU! Some examples of inquiry questions might be:

“Why do hurricanes occur?”

“What are the causes and effects of climate change?

“What killed the dinosaurs?”

“What if aliens invade?”

“How has COVID-19 changed our world?”

“When is the BIG earthquake going to happen?”

“What will happen if we run out of food?”


What to include:

Your inquiry website should attempt to answer your inquiry question using as much research and information as possible. This topic should be something that interests you and something that you want to learn more about. As a guideline, your website should present the following information:

  • What is it?
  • How does/can it occur?
  • Risks?
  • Effects on people and/or environment?
  • Prevention?
  • Preparedness?
  • Real life examples?
  • Hazards and safety?
  • Location/demographics?
  • References
  • Visuals
  • Videos



Your website will be based on the proficiency scale below. Submit the link to your website on Microsoft Teams.