Principles of Flight Part 2: Paper Rocket Reflection Questions

On your blog, copy/paste these reflection questions and answer them in part 2 of your “Principles of Flight” blog post.

1. Draw a path of trajectory of your rocket
2. Which force is acting on the rocket at the moment of launch? (use arrows to indicate direction)
3. As the rocket was half-way up, which force(s) is/are acting on the rocket? (use arrows)
4. As the rocket begins to veer into another direction, which force is acting on the rocket? Explain why this is happening.
5. Did some rockets work better than others? How does the shape of the nose and fin effect the trajectory of the rocket? Explain in terms of the four forces that act on a rocket ship.

Rocket Simulators

Rocket Simulators: Students will check out the Rocket Simulator websites that are posted and try to see how high they can score.

What was your maximum height and speed?
What was the Mass, Thrust and Thrust time on your high score?

Why does the rocket fling around the moon/Earth?
What is an orbit?

What is the co-efficient of drag?

What was your highest score?
What was the settings of your highest score?


Headset Bearings