Rube Goldberg Project

Overall Photo:Drawing of Our Machine: My Partner and I’s machine is called Beep Bop and the task of our machine was originally to pop a balloon but sadly that did not turn out, so we replaced the balloon with a bell, which that worked. Our new task was to ring a bell. Steps to Our […]

Making Babies- Science 10

Ellie Marie Violet Yellow   Question 1: Include a short description of the traits your child has. My partner and I decided to name our little baby girl Ellie Marie Violet Yellow.  Ellie has a square face, and a very prominent square shaped chin. She has wavy hair, large almond shaped brown eyes and bushy […]

Classifying Reactions- Science 10

              In this assignment we were supposed to create four chemical reaction analogies using the four types of reactions, which are synthesis, decomposition, single replacement, and double replacement.  We had to show all four basic laws for each reaction, also, a real-life example using real elements and then we […]