My Life’s Experiences: Ainsley

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This project has helped me realize what events in my life have shaped me. Before we did this project, I never realized that there were certain events in my life that shaped me to be who I am today. I believe that all of these things that we experience and inherit from our parents when we are younger, do shape us into the people we are today. This is probably because when we are younger, we are pretty observant and pay attention to details. This project helped me notice characteristics that I have right now and how they are related to my childhood. I would say my parents separating is the experience that has shaped me to be who I am today. My parents separating has taught me to be cautious with relationships, that no one is perfect and to be open minded. I would also say my parents have shaped me to be who I am today because they have taught me life lessons that I wouldn’t know about if it wasn’t for them. One thing that I did find hard about this project, was coming up with childhood events that have shaped me. I myself don’t really remember my childhood that clearly. One way this project could help us with our time at Central Elementary, is that now we realize that our parents and the people around us help shape us to be who we are today. By going to Central we help those kids and have fun with them, and the activities that we do with them, they might remember for their whole life. Also, these buddies may need an older friend who can support them because you don’t know what their life is like at home.

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