Rube Goldberg Project

Overall Photo:Drawing of Our Machine:

My Partner and I’s machine is called Beep Bop and the task of our machine was originally to pop a balloon but sadly that did not turn out, so we replaced the balloon with a bell, which that worked. Our new task was to ring a bell.

Steps to Our Machine:

  • First, our Lego car rolls down a ramp (Part A) then hits a few dominoes and then the dominoes hit a small marble.
  • Second, once the dominoes hit the small marble, the marble will roll down a foam tube then through a tunnel and hit more dominoes (Part B).
  • Third, after the small marble hits the dominoes, the dominoes will hit a medium sized marble down a ramp, then the marble will go around a corner (Part C).
  • Fourth, after the marble goes around the corner it will reach the end of the table and fall through a tube (Part D).
  • Lastly, when the marble falls through the tube it will land on a bell and ring it (Part E).

Energy Transfers:

  • When the car is sitting at the top of the ramp its potential energy but than when the car goes down the ramp its kinetic energy (Part A).
  • When the dominoes are hit by the smaller marble and start going off, that is kinetic motion energy and when the dominoes hit the bigger marble, it begins to roll down the ramp, which is also kinetic motion energy. (Part C)
  • At part D when the marble reaches the end of the table and falls through a tube, that is kinetic energy.
  • Once the marble rings the bell, the marble will begin to have potential energy because the marble will not be moving. (Part E)

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