Making Babies- Science 10

Ellie Marie Violet Yellow


Question 1: Include a short description of the traits your child has.

My partner and I decided to name our little baby girl Ellie Marie Violet Yellow.  Ellie has a square face, and a very prominent square shaped chin. She has wavy hair, large almond shaped brown eyes and bushy connected medium dark eyebrows.  She has an average sized mouth, with thick lips and dimples.  She also has round ears that are a bit hairy. Lastly, Ellie has some freckles all over her cheeks but not on her forehead

Question 2: How does the coin flip relate to the probability of inheriting genetic conditions?

Answer: Depending on whether the coin landed on heads which is the dominant side, or it landed on tails which is the recessive side. The coin was randomly flipped, and this represented the genetics being passed down from each parent.

Question 3: How does this simulation accurately represent or not represent real life?

Answer: This simulation does not represent real life because if both parents had blue eyes than their child would probably have blue eyes and not a different color. A coin flip does not decide the traits that a baby could have.

Question 4: Did you identify any prejudices you might have about what traits you find “desirable”? Where do you think these prejudices come from?

Answer: In my opinion I think the prejudices come from the media and the people around us. I also think that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. Some might not be beautiful at the beginning, but everyone will become beautiful later on and will learn to love something and see what they value the most.


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