Inquiry Poem

The Golden Ticket If you could take back one thing that you did in your life and relive it differently what moment would it be? The time you told your mom you took the Trash out but didn’t? Crucial I know, or maybe the time you cheated and got caught on that one test?   […]

My Family Timeline

Intro I have 4 family lines, but I will be following the Weber Line starting in 1919. My family history was hard to find as many of the key members of the storey where killed before their time, and the only living members of the line are the last 3 generations, as none of this […]

Industrial Revoultion -Bangladesh

Child Labour Then and Now Bangladesh 2017 By Adam Weber   Bangladesh Bangladesh is a small country boarded by India on all on all sides with the Indian ocean to the south of it. It has a population of 161 million people as of 2015 and around 3.2 million children involved in child labour. Bangladesh is […]

Whirling Introductory Assignment

Tatooie Times The Stressful Life of the Earth Teen by Keplar 36a, march 30, 2017 Extensive research has been conducted on the teenagers of earth, specifically a school called “Riverside Secondary School”. These humans have shown to be quite intelligent, as a school is a place that young humans go to learn and grow to preform acts to benefit their […]


  Gears When as a society we have to rely on technology, We need to owe those who warned us an apology For when our devices take over our minds We will have no one to blame but mankind   When you pick up your device, it hums joyfully For it will not be long […]


Part 1. The Story Of the Rouge Gene I am a gene In mark’s body. I cause mark to have a more difficult life because I am mutated. I am genetically passed on thorough the x chromosomes. I mutated in the fact that now each of Mark’s x chromosomes has an extra gene on it. […]