Fractured Poetry BkC

Fractured Poetry

Object: Animation stylus

Sentence: While watching Saturday morning cartoons, I started to wonder how the drawings moved
Phrase: then, skill began to blossom
Words: curiosity, practice, inspiration

I chose these words and phrases because they are the core ideas behind the story of this stylus. The story this object represents is my growth as an animator. in my beginning, my curiosity stemmed from me just enjoying watching cartoons, and that wonder about how they where made was an important starting point for my hobby. Practice is the most dull part of the process but the learning and practice of techniques is what allows you to succeed later. Finally the most difficult and important stage, inspiration. My growth is not done, and I suspect that it never will be, as you can always improve, but when it comes to creating something special, it can’t be forced and you must but care into what you make. I have found this idea also translates to poetry, because you don’t need to use complicated rhyme schemes or big fancy words to make a poem work. This exercise showed me that sometimes a simple poem that has deeper meaning to the author, will translate to a reader as well. If you can put care into what you create, it will enrich all your creations.

The Poem:

The Growth of an Artist

by Adam Weber

Begin with curiosity
Water with knowledge
Fertilize with practice
Bud with inspiration
Grow with exertion
Bloom with time

A flower that will never wilt


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