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Science 9

Solution Fluency Project

Modeling mitosis

Picture 1 In this picture it show that the Nucleolus dissolved and spindle diners form and attach to the centromeres of chromosomes. Picture 2 This show that the chromosomes align across the middle of the cell. Picture 3 This shows… Continue Reading →

Mutation story

Jan-8-18 Duchene muscular dystrophy

Electricity mind map

question: who discovered electricity? how is lightning formed? What Is a Power Generator? Why Was the Transformer Invented? Who Discovered Electricity? How Is Electricity Used? Why Is Lightning Dangerous? What Are Some Careers in Electricity? What Are Some Power Sources… Continue Reading →

Currents from the kitchen

I belive that the potatoe with creat the most static voltage.we tried a orange banana and two different potatoes.The orange worked best for my group. We tried to make a circuit but none of the fruits or Vegatable made the… Continue Reading →

Edible DNA model

In this project we had to build DNA out of liquorice, marshmallows and toothpicks

Poco-Opolis 500

Climate action week three

Climate action week 1


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