A Little About My Experience

This is Bella.!

Hello, my name is Abigail Delaney. I have two dogs one is named Ally and one is named Bella. Having dogs changed my life for the better. My dogs bring joy and love every time I look at them. I have had Ally for around six years and Bella for around four years. Having dogs made my life better, my dogs bring a smile to my face every time I see them, also they keep me grounded. Having a dog keeps my stress levels in check. Whenever I feel stressed, I have a cuddle with my doggies. I believe everyone should have a dog in their lives. Dogs offer a lot more than just cuddles and a smile they offer much more. In this article, you find three reasons why everyone should have a dog as a pet

Reason Why You Should Get a Dog:

1. Dogs keep us active

Everyone wishes they could be a little more active. Having a dog will give you an excuse to exercise. Dogs need to be walked around two to three times a day therefore making you get up and move. Exercise can improve your mood, so having a dog will also help you become a happier person.

Bella making a funny face!

2. Dogs keep us Healthy

Getting a dog can decrease sickness. Studies have shown that kids who live with dogs have experienced less sickness in their lives. The University of California, San Francisco have conducted a study with mice that proves this theory. Their finding was that mice from houses with dust from homes with dogs helped protect mice from common cold strains and viruses. Dogs also have been proven to help people cope with depression and mental illness.

3.Dogs keep us Safe

Dogs are protectors. Dogs have a heightened sense of smell and hearing this allows them to sense out danger before humans can. Dogs have instincts to protect loved ones. Their instincts are to protect their family and homes. Barking can alert someone if there is an intruder which could save their life. Being warned about an intruder can allow for time to call for help or even give you time to hide or get ready to fight back.

Hopefully, these few points I have shared with you will have convinced you to get a dog. I’m telling you, you we not be disappointed.