About Me

Favourite Quote:

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” – George Addair

Though George Addair was seen as only a Real – Estate developer in the state of Atlanta after the American Civil War, these words of his have a philosophy and meaning which I like to follow. These words are also very true; to achieve success, you have to step out of your comfort zone.

Favourite Video:

You may think that dominoes are something you have played with as a toy in your childhood to pass time, but this YouTube personality who is known as Hevesh5 has found out that dominoes are something you can use to create art. She has built some amazing structures completely out of dominoes, only to topple them over, yet she knows that we like to watch that, and we do. Hevesh5 likes to call her artwork of dominoes “beautiful destruction,” because it is appealing to the eye to see many structures and designs made completely out of dominoes being toppled.

Favourite Picture:

This picture is has a certain meaning to me. We all know about the ongoing civil war in the Middle Eastern nation of Syria; and this picture shows the effects of the civil war in the war – ravaged country. In this picture, we can see that a once vibrant and bustling plaza has been reduced to rubble and debris as a result of being looted, burned, and destroyed. For me, it is hard to picture Syria before it was overrun by armed conflict after hearing many dark things from inside of the country.     

Favourite Website:


I have included a link to Disney.com in my post because Walt Disney has created some of my favourite movies from my childhood. I still enjoy watching their movies from time to time. The songs which they compose are also very catchy!