Which To Kill a Mockingbird Character Are You?

Jem Finch

Do you protect your family against all odds? Are you afraid to disappoint your parents because of how much you idolize them? Are you faced with difficult decisions because you are both immature yet responsible at the same time? If so, you should be proud to say you are like Jem Finch. Someone who used to think courage was being able to complete a dare or to be a good shot; but he soon learns from his father and the events around him that it is so much more than that. An example of Jem being responsible is when his friend Dill runs away from home to Jem’s house, Jem says “You oughta let your mother know where you are” and makes the difficult decision to involve Atticus. After that, Scout and Dill become mad with Jem but he knows what he did was right. Jem is a person that will make sure everyone is safe and sound.

Scout Finch

Are you stubborn as heck yet still an insanely cute and innocent person? Do you find yourself to be very observant and constantly questioning the world around you? Are you unafraid of the stereotypes towards you and just continue to be who you are? Do any of these ring a bell? Scout hears countless times that she “needs to be more like a girl” but doesn’t let it get to her head and continues to act and dress the way she wants. Scout’s stubbornness is shown when she refuses to go to school because of her teacher who doesn’t like the fact that Scout is ahead of the rest of her class. Scout is very curious and asks tough, politically incorrect questions. Since she is young, she asks these out of complete innocence, not meaning to offend anyone. Scout is someone that would fight tooth and nail for you, literally!

Dill Harris

Are you not afraid to tell a lie? Do you like taking risks all to be with and have fun with friends? Do you like to make up stories to impress others? Dill loves adventure. Doing things that make the hairs on his neck stand up is what he lives for. Being friends with Jem has probably kept him out of a lot of trouble. When he visits Scout and Jem in the summer, he always has a story to tell, whether they are true or not. Overall Dill is a fun and kind friend to have.

This Chain Restaurant Will Link You and Your Friends Together

There are countless perks to eating at the Earls restaurant in Port Coquitlam. Earls is exceptional for any occasion. The minute you step foot inside you are greeted by a polite hostess who will ask you “which area would you like to sit in?” Whether you choose the dining area or the lounge you are guaranteed a comfy seat with plenty of elbow room. Once seated, a server will stop by to welcome and hand you a menu filled with everything from seafood to a wide variety of comfort foods and more. Then you are left with your tough decision because of all the drooling worthy choices. On most occasions I will go for the grilled to excellent Cajun chicken cheddar sandwich with the perfectly crunchy seasoned fries on the side. It is a great option for lunch or dinner. Another dish you may want to sift out is the prawn and pesto pizza that has a perfect crunch as well as a great flavour combination. Once you have decided, you can enjoy your time with friends, family, or date while you are amazed by the chefs in the back flipping pizzas and throwing them in the enormous pizza oven. Being able to talk to the people joining you is an important component for me. With the atmosphere being a perfect volume, it is a great place to talk to and get to know someone better. The scent of other guest’s sizzling eats surrounding you only make you more eager to get your own. As you think you are just about to fall off the edge of your seat, you see your server with your steaming plate of gorgeous food strutting towards you. Then you take your first bite. It will feel like July 4th in your mouth. It will only get better as you scope out the dessert menu. My number one choice is the tangy key lime pie with the crumbly graham cracker crust. Having my birthday dinner at Earls with my friends last year was special to me because I was spending the occasion with friends and sharing the delicious food. Once you have relished your meal and time spent with loved ones, you can pick up your pretty penny bill and be filled with not a drop of nostalgia. Leaving with a satisfied stomach, you know you will pay Earls another visit in a lickety-split.

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The Things We Did Not Eat

Immigrant Journal & Reflection


I believe I made an interesting and lengthy story that had lots of cliff hangers. Something to improve on would have been researching more for historical accuracy. I liked the project because it’s something I haven’t done before in socials and it gave me a better perspective on immigrants and their hardships. I wish that I had started the project earlier on so that I could have worked through it slower, rather than trying to rush it a week before.