New France Document Gallery

Champlain and Quebec

A drawing of the habitation at Quebec 1608-1609.

Crossroads pg 21

Fur traders trading with Native Americans

1609 raid against Iroquois

Crossroads pg 22

Champlain making the alliance with the Wendat/Huron

 Jesuits and Huron

Jesuit priest preaching to the Huron

Mission among the Hurons in the start of a church

Iroquois attack on the Huron

Royal Government

Governor Frontenac

Filles du roi-“King’s Daughters”

Mercantilism-promoted governmental regulation of a nation’s economy

Coureurs de bois

Coureurs de bois trading with Native people

Radisson and Des Groseilliers being led by the Ojibwa and Algonquins to Hudson’s Bay


A habitant family in their house doing every day activities Crossroads pg 34

All seigneuries had a church nearby in New France

The women of the seigneuries

Crossroads pg 35

Imperialism and Conflict- France vs England

Wars between France and England over imperialism

Louisbourg was the French place of protection over New France

Halifax was British land used to take over Quebec

The Acadians being deported off their land by the British because they didn’t pledge to the oath

A map of Acadia

Seven Years War/French and Indian War 1756- 1763

British take over Louisbourg

A battle during the Seven Years’ War

The Battle of the Plains of Abraham was the turning point in the Seven Years’ War

Crossroads pg 65

General James Wolfe dies as a consequence of the Seven Years’ War and is shown as a hero in this painting Crossroads pg 69

The Royal Proclamation of 1763

Crossroads pg 63