week 5

This week we finished our unit on Absolute Values and Radicals.what we learned was add, subtract, multiply and divide them.

In this sections of this chapter we discussed solving equations and inequalities that contain absolute values. We have learned equations with absolute value in them in this section. I know that that the absolute value bars are not parentheses and in many cases don’t behave as parentheses, and all that we need to do is identify the point on the number line and determine its distance from the origin.



week 2

the thing I learned in this week is Arithmetic sequences/series and Geometric sequences/ series.

Key notes

  • the difference between sequences and series



  • importent formula

Arithmetic sequences



Arithmetic series

geometric sequences

geometric series


  • how to solve the Arithmetic series?

ex: Find the sum of the following arithmetic series 1,2,3…..99,100

We have a total of 100 values, so n=100.  first value is 1 and the last is 100. We plug these values into our formula, get:

  • how to solve the geometric series?